Here you will find links to the various (current) MLHIM projects code repositories, bug tracking and project management functions. Most MLHIM projects are hosted on

There is a mailing list for each project on Launchpad and you may join it by joining the team there. If you just want to ask a question regarding the project, please feel free to ask on the Forums page.

Other current academic projects are not listed, pending authorisation from researchers.

Title Description URL
MLHIM Umbrella This is the umbrella project page for all MLHIM projects hosted on Launchpad. MLHIM
MLHIM Specifications The base XML Schema and documentation MLHIM Specs.
CCD-Gen Concept Constraint Definition Generator - tool for creating CCDs, example HTML forms and example XML instances. This is a functioning, online development tool. CCD-Gen 2
CDD Constraint Definition Designer - tool for creating CCDs. This is an open source effort in need of developers. CDD on LP
EpiS3 Epidemiological Surveillance Support System EpiS3 on LP
PHISS Pre-Hospital Information Support System PHIS on LP
MedWeb 3.0 The Semantic Web for Healthcare MedWeb